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  • New Arthur Brown Mashup Video

  • Something new for you to see, Arthurs Order From chaos era texas band Live at the Marquee 25th June 1993 never before seen footage.

  • Arthur Brown went down very well opening up for Hawkwind on their 40th anniversary tour.

    Arthur had on tour with him Jim Mortimore on Guitar and Percussion and Steve Watts on Keyboards.

    One show in Bristol was professionally filmed and hopefully a sample will be online soon.

  • A rare interview with Arthur from 1975 (though is dated 1974) has appeared on youtube, you will have to go in about 25 minutes.

  • Prog Britannia - BBC 4 In the UK had a whole evening deadicated to progressive rock, and Arthur is featured. Keep and eye out as this show is frequently aired on BBC4 A mini web site can be found Here

  • Jimmy Carl Back - Arthur's good friend Jimmy Carl Black passed away on the 1st November 2008 after a battle with cancer. From 'Jimmy says hi to everybody and he doesn't want anybody to be sad'

    abandjcb.jpg (127725 bytes)

    Jimmy was a lovely guy, I was lucky enough to have met him a couple of times always had loads of time for the fans and was a great story teller. Matthew (webmaster).

  • Collaborations

    Arthur has recently collaborated on 2 very different albums.

    Rabbi John are an acoustic band from Gloucestershire whom have a new album out called Further and Arthur contributes lead vocals to the track Shout. If you like Arthur’s acoustic material than this CD is for you. More info from  . Arthur also recently performed along with Nick Pynn on a track called The Widow’s Blame by the Gothic/Alternative Rock band All Living Fear their album also features Julianne Regan from All About Eve. For more info go to

  • Arthur in Classic Rock July 2008

    classicrockjuly2008web.jpg (52693 bytes) Arthur is featured in an excellent 3 page article in Classic Rock magazine where he talks about Zappa, Alice Cooper, Jimi Hendrix and many other people that he knew. Here is a photo of it on my coffee table

  • A very old photo of Kingdome Come surfaced from a Mexican magazine called Pop.

  • Voices of Love - New Studio Album

    Track Listing
    1. Love is the spirit
    2. Gypsies
    3. Kites
    4. I believe in you
    5. That's how strong my love is
    6. The voices of love
    7. All the bells
    8. Shining bright
    9. Birds of a feather
    10. Devil's grip
    11. Safe now &……?

    UK Record Label

    US Record Label

    Order it using this link



    BBC News report on Arthurs Accident!

    DVD News: Arthur Brown's Otherworlds - Live at the London Astoria


    Soon we will see the release of the Otherworlds DVD!

    Filmed in London, this is a 2- hour live spectacular,  showcasing 3 different lineups with Arthur Brown.
    A live performance from Arthur and friends that will give all music lovers a great evening of quality viewing"

    Set 1: 
    Acoustic Aural delights from Arthur Brown with Nick Pynn and Chris Bryant
    Set 2: The historic and original Arthur Brown's Kindgom Come, with the original members Andy Dalby, Michael 'Goodge' Harris and Phil Curtis
    Set 3: Arthur Brown performs the surreal, complete and innovative concept album FIRE with Instant Flight

    All this, plus more from special guests:
    Howard MarxDr Space Toad ExperienceLena Lovich,  Pete Brown
    Phil May and Dick Taylor of The Pretty Things

    New Merchandise

    The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Journey, Vampire Suite and Brown Black and Blue back in Stock

    New Fan Club CDs of Speak No Tech, JAM and Strangelands

    Arthur to Compare Easten Haze Festival

    Manchester Dale End Benifit Show

    030607_manchester.jpg (140889 bytes)

    Some good photos from the Manchester show on flickr HERE Thanks to Ed for sending them

    Scottish Tour

    Arthur and Nick are on tour in Scotland in June

    18th June Classic Grand Glasgow
    19th June  Cafe Drummond Aberdeen
    20th June  Ironworks Inverness

    Manchester Special Show

    Arthur and Nick with special guests will be playing a special show in Manchester on the 3rd June for the benifit of the recent fire in the city. see local press for details.

    Spiritual Matters

    Arthur thought man of you might be interested to find out more about his various spiritual paths, so we have a section to the site that in time will be updated with more information.

    Arthur on Youtube

    This week we have been putting a lot of content on to youtube, and more will follow, to see such items as the Busha Busha video form 1982, or a TV Feature from the Windsor Jazz and Blues festival in 67 and a host of other material go here  

    Overdue Update

    Well its all been a bit quiet, Arthur and Nick are just finishing off there album this will be released sometimes in the summer, there are a couple of gigs this weekend in the UK and one in London on the 21st April that looks very exciting.


    Some fantastic Phots
    from canada in 1968 have appeared on the web here

    Germany Photos
    There are some great shots from the Spirit of 66 gig Here thank you Jean Luc

    Arthur and Nick rock Sunrise
    In all the time that I have been following Arthur Brown last nights gig at the Sunrise Festival rank's among one of the best, 2000 odd people there probably agree with me on that! Matt PS there are some photos from last night up on the site now.

    20_6_06_sunrise_small.jpg (55393 bytes)

    Germany Posponed The German gig with Arthur, Nick and Dick and Phil from The Pretties for July has been posponed

    Very early photo A photo from 1965 of the Arthur Brown union has been found have a look here

    Arthur Brown official german site

    Arthur Back from Germany A Blog entry will follow soon about the tour, also we have set up a new myspace site, please anyone that were on the old one will have to re add.

    Myspace Gone?
    It wound appear that the official Arthur Brown Myspace page has been deleated the people at Myspace hav as yet given no reason  why they have done this and we are waiting for them to restore the site.

    First Photo from Germany Arthur with a lovely guitar photo thanks to Natascha

    23_06_05_backstage.jpg (44400 bytes)

    The Summer of Love 1967 BBC 2 9.10 pm on Saturday 27th May 2006 fet Arthur

    Weekends Gig photos now uploaded in the new photo gallery here

    More on German Tour Dates
    Full Details of Arthurs German tour and tickets can be found here also keep an eye on the german site Loads more UK and Europe gigs added go to the tourdates page.

    Channel 4 Arthur was mentioned on another one of those crappy one hit wonders programme's showing the supersonic clip of fire from 76 if you want to see the clip have a nose at the forum. Arthur refused to appear on said programme and you can see why. Just for the record like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin Arthur has always been an album artist having released 25 or so albums and has NEVER released a single for any other reason than the promote the album that it was taken from.

    New Blog Arthur tells of his recent happening's

    Myspace Arthur now has a myspace site here includeing an inreleased version of 'I Put A Spell On You' recorded with Instant Flight in Falmouth last year. Arthurs Myspace

    Arthur with the Darkness I have been sent some photos from the video shoot and I have made a little feture here

    Alice and Fuzztones Arthur has been asked to appear on a Fuzztones cd, and on the Alice cooper show, in an interview with Alice.

    German Fansite launched Great new German fansite run by Natascha look here Please not she is also listing Arthurs german tour dates

    Arthurs Blog Arthur is now writing his own blog about what he is up to, you may discuses entries in the forum.

    Arthur to Marry Justin from the Darkness Yes it is true, Arthur plays a cameo in the video for the next single by The Darkness The Song called 'Is It Just Me' has Arthur playing a Vicar marrying Justin to himself! You can pre order the DVD single or the CD single using the following links DVD Single : CD Single These take you direct to the Amazon web site and also give a little commission to us. For more info go to the Darkness official site

    Peel played Brown first!!! The other day BBC 6 Music played as a tribute to the late great John Peel the very first edition of the Top Gear programme, the very first song to be played was Devils Grip Arthur's debut single, listen to John Peel and Pete Drummond here

    London Elektricity
    are a well known drum and bass outfit and have released a single called Hanging Rock and it samples Arthur from Faster than the speed of light you can listen to it here and in this months Computer Music you can read all about how they recorded it, though they don't mention the track specifically just as an obscure Prog Rock album!!!

    Arthur Wins Award Arthur wins best peformer in this years classic Rock Magazine awards read all about it here

    The crazy life and times of Arthur Brown Is the new biography about Arthur written by Polly Marshall and is out now. Arthur and Polly are touring to promote it dates are in the gigs section  for more information and to order visit Saf Publishing's website  

    The Committee The legendary film directed by Peter Sykes and Staring Paul Jones has finally been released on DVD for the fist time, the film has a score by Pink Floyd and in the middle features the original Crazy World of Arthur Brown peforming 'Nightmare' for more on the dvd click here

    Arthur on Tour there have been a few changes also Arthur is to tour germany later this year with The Pretty Things

    New forum  we have a new forum, and I hope you agree in time it will prove to be much better than the old one, if you register you will have access to the downloads section where you will find exclisive multimedia content.

    Rockpalast Live The German TV station WDR transmitted a recent gig by the Pretty Things and Arthur was a special guest and peformed Hoochie Koochie Man with them here is a clip

    Instant Flight the band tha have been peforming with Arthur on his recent electric dates have their debut CD out now featuring Arthur on 2 tracks look them out now here

    Nick Pynn
    has recently released a new album and it's excellant to order look here

    The crazy life and times of Arthur Brown Is a new biography about Arthur written by Polly Marshall it will be out in September with a tour to promote it, for more information visit Saf Publishing's website

    Arthur on DVD  2 New DVDs out featuring Arthur: Sas Band - The Show now out on DVD with a stunning rendition of Fire rrder it here From and Top of the Pops 40th Anniversary has the classic video of Fire from 68 Order it here also from

    A Celtic Legend is aew concept album featuring Arthur playing the part of King Mark about the story of Tristan and Isolde   click here For more info.

    Don't buy fake CDs from Ebay Arthur has been the victim of pirate CDs made in the Czech Republic read more here  

    Below the Gentlemen of Colour Jimmy Carl Black and Arthur Brown Falmouth 2005

    abandjcb.jpg (127725 bytes)

    Last date of the tour with Robert Plant at the Bristol Academy

    281002c.jpg (38140 bytes)

    Guilfest with the Darkness

    04_07_03_darkness.jpg (37281 bytes)

    Arthur and Alice reunited after 30 years

    04_07_03f.jpg (21344 bytes)

    On board the mothership Hawkwind

    13_12_02b.jpg (53708 bytes)