The forgotten classic from 1968, this film has only been seen by a few since its short run in the cinema and has turned up on various videos and VCDs of dubious quality. This on the other hand is the real deal. The film transfer is of very high quality and the sound is excellent, Its a pity that the original master tapes weren't accessible as an isolated sound track of Pink Floyds score would have been fantastic. Arthur's version of nightmare in the middle of the film is probably the best 60s footage of Arthur that exists and is worth buying the DVD for that alone. The DVD also comes with a new version of the song 'The Committee' done with the excellent Tim Whitehead (who I saw in concert a few years ago and can be well recommended, you may remember him from the 80s Jazz band 'Loose Tubes') and also has a track on the CD by Peter Gabriel.

All in all a great package for more info to to  

Below the DVD cover is the press release

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