The Trail Of The Gremlin Vol 1

Limited Edition of 10 Double CD's


Brian Matthew interview 68
Fire BBC 68
Devils Grip single
Whats Happening Single
Kingdom Come Glastonbury 1971:-
Internal Messanger
Gypsy Escape
Dem Boans (Lost Ears)
Song Of The Gremlin Part 1 and 2 (Capt Lockheed LP)
Eyesinght for the lind (Tommy Film)
It Takes two to Tango (Arthur and Aliki Single)*
Rocking the boad togeter (B Side of Above)
The Tell Tale Heart (LP Version)
Universal Zoo (Intergalactic Touring Band)
Shadow Of Ignorence (Dune)
The Green Manalishi (Rattlesnake Guitars Compilation)
Fire (VH1 Live 1997)

CD 2

BBC Session 1968:-
Child Of my Kingdom
Come and buy
I Put A Spell On You
Eternal Messanger (KC Single)
I D Side to be B Side the C Side (B Side Of Above)
We've Gotta get Out Of This Place (Single)
Hear I Am (B Side)
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall (Vampire Live B Side)
I See Fire (Not Correct Title)
Kingdom Come Rehersal
Rehersal Jam
Jailhouse Rock
Instrumental Jam