The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown is Arthurís debut album released in 1968.

The album was released on Track Records in the UK in 1968 Cat No 612 005 and has been re issued on CD in the UK in 1995, and in the USA with bonus tracks though both are currently out of print.

This album has been re issued again by the label Cherry Red records and has the additional tracks of a BBC Session from 1968 with Ron Wood on bass and an alternate mix of Fire though as we have yet to see this CD we canít give you any indication of the sound quality compared to the polydor CD. Itís a shame that there wasnít more archive material added to this set like the SVT popside session.

Track listing for the original album The mono mix of side 1 has different edits to the stereo Mix of the same songs.

Prelude - Nightmare
Fanfare - Fire Poeam
Come And buy
I Put A Spell On You
Spontaneous Apple Creation
Rest Cure
Child of My Kingdom

UK Cover

Japan Cover

Japan inner Gatefold

Japan Rear sleeve

Canadian issue re titled Fire

Canadian rear pretty much same as the UK edition

Russian 180g re issue from 2007 this is less than official

USA reel to reel Ampex label