The Pretty Things - SF Sorrow Live at Abbey Road


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Track Listing

SF Sorrow is Born
Bracelets Of Fingers
She Says Good Morning
Private Sorrow
Balloon Burning
Baron Saturday
The Journey
I See You
Well Of Destiny
Old Man Going
Loneliest Person

Bonus Tracks:-

Route 66

+ Interviews and Bonus tracks

Note : This is a legendary performance recorded live in the abbey Road studios on the 6th September 1998. As you would expect for something recorded at abbey road the soundtrack is stunning, the performance is great and there is some great David Gilmour moments too. I only have 1 criticism of this product. Snapper music in their wisdom decided to make this DVD only in NTSC format, now if this had been an American release that that would have been fine but being a UK release I would expect that a UK PAL version should have been produced. Even though most modern TVs are capable of showing a 60Hz single some TVs (Such as the webmasters) Don't! so just a warning make sure that your DVD player and TV are OK to play NTSC video's / DVDs if so then its a winner and well worth getting for more info