Order From Chaos - Live 1993

Order from Chaos is a live album recorded at the Marquee club in Charing Cross road London on the 25th June 1993. The band all from Texas had a great impact when they toured the UK that year.
This album was recorded direct to DAT from the mixing desk.

  • Band line up:

    Arthur Brown - Vocals
    Randall Ward - Guitar
    Jeff Mays - Bass Guitar
    Jeff Danford - Keyboards
    Stuart Millsappa - Drums

  • Track Listing

    When you open the door
    King of England
    Juices Of Love
    Fire poem
    Come And buy
    Pick It up
    Time Captains
    Toy Love
    I Put A Spell On You

    Label Blueprint (Voiceprint) CD CAT BP144CD

    This CD has been out of print for a number of years though a CD-R Version is available from the merchandise page. Some video from this concert is on the Arthur Brown YouTube channel.