The Circus of Horrors
Welcome To the Freakshow

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Silver Screen Records Cat No HORROR 666

Prelude (Read by Arthur Brown)
Welcome to The Freak Show (With Dave Hill)
Thought you Were in Heaven
Double Trouble
Secret (Part 1)
The Gemini
Look what You've Done
Death of a Wasp
Hey Boy, Hey Bonny
The only Sure Thing
The Destiny & Desire Zygote
The Samurai
Tubular Bells
The Monster Mash
Secret (Part 2)
Just So Psycho
Judgement Day (with Dani Filth)
Fire / Fire With fire (With Arthur Brown, of Coarse!)
Epilogue (Read by Arthur Brown)

Arthur makes a guest appearance on this rather brilliant horror concept album, having never been to a Haze show I would guess this is the music that goes with it, all I can really comment is that there are some rocking good tunes on this album, and the re take on Fire is nothing short of Brilliance! For more information go to