Arthur Brown Glastonbury 2003
From The BBC


Well this year the BBC did a great little feature about Arthur, After all he was the Star of the 1971 Glastonbury Film, though throughout the interview 1971 was mentioned as the first but we all know the real first Glastonbury was in 1970 though very little of that festival remains on film where as 1971 was a full feature as well as a triple album.

So it starts with a clip from the film of various hippy types


bbc_glast_01.jpg (27144 bytes)

Then a few words from the man himself, mentioning the avalon stage and how it captures the spirit of the original festival

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Then a Few Clips of Kingdom Come from the film

bbc_glas_03.jpg (13786 bytes)

Arthur talks about the festival being run by agents and not being a community like the early days

bbc_glas_04.jpg (20919 bytes)

Some life footage of Fire from the gig

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A few more words

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Linda Lewis talks about the 71 Festival, also mentions Arthur having his head on fire, but (memory cheat) this may not have happened as it was after all Kingdom Come and not Crazy World

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Then some more great footage of Arthur's set

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This went out on BBC 2 on the 29th June 2003