The Crazy world Of Arthur Brown

The Vampire Suite Party 2nd October 2003

02_10_03_invite.jpg (64623 bytes) On a dark November night a small gathering of friends and soul's gathered at Simon Drake's House of Magic to celebrate the launch of Arthur Browns first album for Track Records since the first Crazy World album in 1968.

Here follows a few photos of the evening, where we got to hear this stunning piece of work for the very first time and to meet the people that made this fine recording including Mark Brzezicki (Drums) , Josh Phillips (Keyboards) with Steve Glasscock (Backing Vocals) , Carl Burgess (Backing Vocals) and Ian Grant who put the band together and now is running Track Records.

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Ian Grant Introduced Simon Drake Above Arthur making his speach in his own special style!!!


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Arthur with Max, AKA webmasters Missus ;)
On the way to london we picked up a big bag of vampire fang sweets that Aerthur carried around.......

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Say Cheese Phil......

But Lena Lovich wants one too..........

More Photos to come............